What’s Awesome about Deliver All?

  • Convenience

    It's super convenient to have a single app for all your delivery needs! Just with a few clicks on your phone, you can now order food, buy grocer, get wine and so much more delivered right to your doorstep! All you need is a smart phone and a finger!

  • Cheap

    We all love cheap services! This app is a super cost effective option that ensures that you can the best possible services at your fingertips at the cheapest possible prices! We know what you want and we make sure that you get it!

  • Anything, Anytime, Anywhere

    This app is your one click option to get any kind of delivery that you could possibly want! Whether it is Food, Grocery, Bottled water, Marijuana or Wine, you can get whatever you want whenever you want it right at your doorstep instantly!


    Don't worry if you want something really small? We'll get it delivered! There's no minimum order!

  • Track it Real Time

    Track your order live! Know where your order is and trace it on your map!

  • Instant Delivery

    Get your orders instantly! Place your orders and watch them reach your doorstep instantly!

Your Phone's your Shopping bag!

Get the best of everything through this ultimate delivery app! No more lugging and hauling things! This app makes your smart phone a simple and effective shopping bag that will get you whatever you want quickly and easily. It’s simple, cost effective and very efficient!


The Entire Eatery Range At Your Fingertips

We are group of enthusiasts that love to please our customers! If you want something delivered, we’re there! We aim at ensuring that you get to enjoy the convenience of your life without having to worry about physically going somewhere to get things done. Our app is a people pleaser! Simply pick the option you want to get into like Food, Bottled water or Grocery. Pick your items; add them to the cart, put in your delivery address and viola! We’ll get your things brought right to you!

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  • Pleasure Trove

    Mexican,North Indian 3.8

  • aahar

    French,North Indian 4.5

  • 9 to 9 Shop

    Vodka,Beer 4.5

  • Costco

    Dairy & Eggs,Vegetables and fruits 4.5